Orkideh dowry set

سرویس آشپزخانهOrkideh Kitchen appliances: Different colors and designs

:Orkideh kitchen appliances are including of 29 items and are as following

(Bucket rice(one item

(Pedal bin (one item

(Bread bin service (four units

(Beans can (three items

(Sugar bean (one item

(Spice service (seven items

Complete scale

(Steel sieve (one item

(Drain (one item

(Spatula & ladle set (seven items

(Oil pan (one item

(Under spoon (one item

   Kitchen appliances in different 50 colors and designs are include: Sam set,s kitchen service is a best collection for dear new brides

Simple colored products

(Special colored kitchen service (granite and wrinkle sanding

(Decorative kitchen service(wood design. Flowe. Fantasy

(Steel kitchen service (shine

Kitchen service chrome lid

The a/m presented to you and are very suitable for your kitchen decore

(Dimensions of packing: (carton

Product code:****

Height: 44 cm

Length: 81 cm

Weight: 320 gr