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لوازم آشپزخانه

 Press Appliance Business Chambers foreign press, / government institutions,/ banks,/ international institutions Age of the Universe Nobel Prize Times Union National Bank gold kitchen appliances GIO Iranian household appliances online commerce bank trade union mission of the Organization for Security Guardian Judiciary Environmental News portals creation of NASA,/ New York Times,/ President of Saderat Bank […]

Public expenditure management

مدیریت هزینه های عمومی

Author: General management costs Author: Salvatore Xiao Campo and Daniel Thomas Publisher: Pars Facebook Book language: English Number of pages: 760 Book format: PDF File Size: 3270 KB Description: public expenditure management book, a practical guide to help countries that seek to improve transparency and operational procedures are budgeting and budgetary information. Two salient feature […]

Barbecue stands

The best barbecue you for balcony and the smell of barbecue on their balcony to look. A hot pot clay pot plant that also serves as a barbecue. If you remove the top pot, barbecue on a bed of hot coals network is seen. Hole in the bottom to drain runoff is embedded. The upper part […]