Survey to inform advertising

Survey to inform advertising:

 Certainly information and advertising products is a major part of the process, help us out in this way.

Advertising Sam set  how  do you evaluate?            Excellent       Good         Fair         Poor            Bad

Information about the activities and products of the company and how do you assess        Excellent       Good          Fair         Poor          Bad

Which categories of the main page for this site is of most interest to you:

Which part of the site description in addressing the questions of most articles is available to:


Does the site have the ability to provide an appropriate response in relation to the various issues are: Yes              No

If not, please ask your expectations:


Which bed playing advertising to be effective, you know: Teaser T.v.      news of t.v.   radio programs    related magazines      newspapers      sales internet sites    sms     letters of individual (suggested others) various adv. Of all Offices       sales offices in exhibition environment (such as billboards)

Information of sales offices including the conditions of the product purchase price and how to get there?        Excellent         Good       Fair       Poor       Bad

To what extent services or during shipping or notification is to win your satisfaction:                       Excellent          Good           Fair       Poor       weak

What other advertising platform to Sam set do you offer?


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